Muffin Ceramics

I love the sea, cake, buttons, lace, musicals, gin, friends, coloured boots, pop art, and pottery.

All of the above are an influence on my work.


I live in Bolton and have my own home studio.

I love changing the style of my work, often my inspiration will come from current trends as well as a love of vintage, lace and buttons. So I never quite know in which direction that will take me.

Currently I have a collection of bowls influenced by the times spent at the seaside with the rugged beaches of Cornwall being a favourite.

Lace and everyday textures are used together on porcelain, by exploiting its translucent qualities, the series of lanterns and tea light holders further reveal the designs and beauty of the patterns when lit.

And buttons, my guilty secret. I love making buttons I see them as miniature works of art.
I use a whole variety of clays, glazes shapes and sizes.